Tuesday, August 25, 2009

[Level 1] Set wifi manually.

Although, OpenSolaris has NWAM, can let user easy to setup the wifi.
But how can we do if we want to setup wifi manually?
 The steps as the following:

1. Check wireless interface is plumbed or not. if not, plumb it. 
  Ex1. Plumb all interface.
  # ifconfig -a
  Ex2. Plumb the interface name that you know.
  # ifconfig ipw0 plumb
2. Scan the ap.
  # wificonfig -i ipw0 scan

essid           bssid             type          encryption      signallevel
test-ap          12:34:56:78:90:00 access point  wep             12

3. Setting wifi profile and use WEP for authentication. In this case I set the WEP password as "1234567890" and profile name as "test-profile". After setting is done, use subcommand "showprofile" to show profiles.
  # wificonfig createprofile test-profile essid=test-ap encryption=WEP wepkey1=1234567890
  # wificonfig showprofile


4. Connect to ap.
  # wificonfig -i ipw0 connect test-profile
  # wificonfig showstatus

        linkstatus: connected
        active profile: [test-ap]
        essid: ses-ap
        bssid: 12:34:56:78:90:00
        encryption: wep
        signal strength: strong(12)

5. Use interface ipw0 with DHCP mode.
    ifconfig -i ipw0 dhcp
    ifconfig -a

Wish this helps.

Stanley Huang