Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[Level 1] Chime, the DTrace GUI tool.

Chime is a DTrace GUI tool.
The way you can install and use as the following steps:
1. First, get the package from OpenSolaris.og, the link as below.
Because Chime is developed by Java, you must have Java 6 since 1.4.41 environment for Chime to run.
2. Start Chime:
You have to check the account runs Chime has the privileges to run DTrace.
The Command as below.
# /opt/OSOL0chime/bin/chime
3. Choose category:
Default Chime has six categories, and choose one that you want.
4. Choose traces:
Choose the trace you want. At the same time, the right column will show the description of the trace you choose.
5. Click "Run" to execute:
And it will pop out the screen with information sheet.

If you want to make your own trace, you can click menu bar with option File -> New Trace, Following the wizard, and insert the information needed. (I recommend that you should have basic knowledge of D-script)
The specific part you should know. Because the Chime use the "sheet" to display the information, you must have one aggregation function in your D-script program, or you will not build a trace successfully.
Wish this helps.

Stanley Huang