Wednesday, April 2, 2014

[Level 1] Install slideshow support in iPython notebook.

Just found an iPython notebook extension support slideshow and you could install by the following steps. Precondition: Because this introduction would try to clone a github project, you have install git utility first.
$ sudo apt-get -y install git
1. Use the following commands to install slideshow support.
## get porfile directory
profile_dir = get_ipython().profile_dir.location

## clone extension from github
import os
tgt = os.path.join( profile_dir, 'static', 'custom')
!git clone $tgt
%cd $tgt

## create a javascript for supporting slideshow
%%writefile custom.js
// we want strict javascript that fails
// on ambiguous syntax
"using strict";

// do not use notebook loaded  event as it is re-triggerd on
// revert to checkpoint but this allow extesnsion to be loaded
// late enough to work.

$([]).on('app_initialized.NotebookApp', function(){

    /**  Use path to js file relative to /static/ dir without leading slash, or
     *  js extension.
     *  Link directly to file is js extension.
     *  first argument of require is a **list** that can contains several modules if needed.

    // require(['custom/noscroll']);
    // require(['custom/clean_start'])
    // require(['custom/toggle_all_line_number'])
    // require(['custom/gist_it']);

     *  Link to entrypoint if extesnsion is a folder.
     *  to be consistent with commonjs module, the entrypoint is main.js
     *  here youcan also trigger a custom function on load that will do extra
     *  action with the module if needed
    //     // do stuff

2. restart iPython Notebook and reload page to get slideshow button. (Just on the right of cell type)
Wish this helps.

Stanley Huang