Wednesday, June 1, 2011

[Level 1] MP3 editor in Ubuntu.

If you want to modify mp3 in Ubuntu,
you could use "audacity".
And you could download it from reposity.
The commands as the following.
# apt-cache search audacity
create-resources - shared resources for use by creative applications
audacity - fast, cross-platform audio editor
audacity-data - fast, cross-platform audio editor (data)
audacity-dbg - fast, cross-platform audio editor (debug)
vamp-plugin-sdk - audio analysis and feature extraction plugins (SDK)
# apt-get -y install audacity

After for a while, I heard a good tool to convert mp4 to mp3 call avidemux
# apt-cache search avidemux
libavidemux0 - a free video editor - shared libraries
avidemux - a free video editor - GTK version
avidemux-cli - a free video editor - command line version
avidemux-common - a free video editor - Internationalization files
avidemux-plugins-cli - a free video editor - CLI plugins
avidemux-plugins-common - a free video editor - common files for plugins
avidemux-plugins-gtk - a free video editor - GTK plugins
avidemux-plugins-qt - a free video editor - Qt plugins
avidemux-qt - a free video editor - QT version
# apt-get -y install avidemux

Wish this helps. regards, Stanley Huang