Thursday, January 7, 2010

[Level 2] Distribution Constructor

What is distribution constructor? It is the tool for user to customize OpenSolaris image.
How to create a customize OpenSolaris image, the step as the following:
1. modify the manifest file.
# vi /usr/share/distro_const/slim_cd/slime_cd_x86.xml

2. display distribution list.
# distro_const build -l /usr/share/distro_const/slim_cd/slime_cd_x86.xml
Step           Resumable Description
-------------- --------- -------------
im-pop                   Populate the image with packages
im-mod                   Image area modifications
slim-im-mod              Slim CD Image area Modifications
ba-init                  Boot archive initialization
slim-ba-config           Slim CD boot archive configuration
ba-config                Boot archive configuration
ba-arch                  Boot archive archiving (64-bit)
ba-arch-32               Boot archive archiving (32-bit)
slim-post-mod            Slim CD post boot archive image area modification
grub-setup               Grub menu setup
post-mod                 Post boot archive image area modification
gen-slim-cont            Generate Slim CD image content list
iso                      ISO image creation
usb                      USB image creation

3. There are several ways to build the image.
  3-1. build all image.
  # distro_const build /usr/share/distro_const/slim_cd/slime_cd_x86.xml
  3-2. build image and stop the process before the point.
  # distro_const build -p im-mod /usr/share/distro_const/slim_cd/slime_cd_x86.xml
  3-3. resume building process from the step
  # distro_const build -r im-mod /usr/share/distro_const/slim_cd/slime_cd_x86.xml

Wish this helps.

Stanley Huang